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Agent Services
Patent, Utikity Model, Design Patent, Trademark, Copyright tec.
Trial Appeal
Civil Action
Litigation Rescinding Trial Decision

Negotiation for Licence
Warning for Intellectual Property
Counceling for Warning
ADR Procedures
Suit Action for Infgingement (With Attorney at Law)

Foregin Services
Filing to Foregin Countries and Prosecution,
Filing and Entering National Phase for PCT

Counceling for Intellectual Property
Seminer for Intellectual Property
Support for Mnaging Intellectual Property
Consulting for Establishing IP Strategy
Prior Art and Evidence Search Search
Consulting for Unfair Competition Prevention
Ciber Search for Infringement of Inttelectual Property
(Serching IP address, Hosting server, Manager etc.))

Domestic, Foregin Patent, Utility Model, Design Patent, Trademark And Consulting for Intellectual Property

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